Alias: Myth-P, Mythosiod

Género: M

Años: 15

Pesadez: 153lbs

Altura: 6'1

Cumpleaños: 21 de noviembre

Le gusta: Tecnología,Música pop,cosas futuristas,pizza de Papa John,animación,Nintendo productos

No le gusta: Relaciones, determinar el sexo de, intimidación, chillando sonidos, el sol

Personalidad: Myth-Poid es un tsudere, una persona que intenta a mantener muy persona lejos . On account of that, he is very hesitant to make friends. However, online he's like a totally different person, he seems very energetic and loves to be random and make people laugh. He hates the sun, he claims it's because his eyes are very sensitive to it, also his skin is unusually pale, so he gets sunburned very easily. He hates lover-type relationships with a burning passion. He is obsessed with Papa John's Pizza. He is almost never seen in public without his Nintendo 3DS or some other portable electronic. He spontaniously combusts when he's hugged. 'His two voicebanks, High Octave and Low Octave seem to have split personalities, the explanation for this is that his mood changes drastically depending on the song he's singing. His High Octave personality is often caught randomly singing in public, and is intensely embarrassed if someone acknowledged they heard him. He is also absent-minded and rather clumsy.His Low Octave personality is overly emotional and often depressed. Feelings of uselessness and trouble-making come to him easily. He gets defensive for unreasonable situations and is easily angry rather than embarrassed. Normally though he's simply very serious. He a lot of times tends to read scary stories or songs such as creepypastas when he's in this mood, he is also very paranoid, he always has the feeling someone is looking through his window, and at night he becomes paranoid about some of the things he's read about, like The Slenderman, or other creepypasta stories

Character Item: Nintendo 3DS ['''''High Octave's] Orange Soda [Low Octave] Bazooka

Concept Art: High Octave/Neutral

Low Octave's Concept Art will be decided in a contest, if you are interested in entering the rules are in here: [link]

Nationality/Race: American, though may be of Irish descent

Favorite Phrase: Rock On!


~Will be open proir to his release~

Copyright AcknowledgementEdit

Myth-Poid is copyright to 10/12Productions and none other shall claim it without approval from 10/12Productions

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