Alias: ミスッポイド - みすっぽいど - Misuppoido

Gender: M

Age: 16

Weight: 153lbs

Height: 6'1

Birthday: November 21, 1996

Likes: Technology, pop music, futuristic things, papa john's pizza, animation, Nintendo products

Dislikes: Relationships, sex, bullying, screeching sounds, the sun, carrots

Personality: Myth-Poid is somewhat shy and strays from socializing as much as possible. He loves to sing and dance and has a particular love for theater despite his shyness, espacially musicals. Has a certain talent for adjusting to any technologic device rather quickly, for example, say he gets a new cellphone, he could probably learn every feature in about 5-10 minutes without reading the instructions. He's somewhat silly once you get to know him. He prefers being on his computer most of his time. He loves Papa Johns Pizza, and has an odd dislike for carrots.

Character Item: Orange Soda

Concept Art: N/A

Nationality/Race: American, though may be of Irish descent

Favorite Phrase: Rock On!

Copyright AcknowledgementEdit

Myth-Poid is copyright to 10/12Productions and none other shall claim it without approval from 10/12Productions